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SEMINAR / LECTURE London - 07 November 2015



Univeristy of West London on 07 November 2015

A lecture organized by the company TRM Natural Therapy Ltd. – the official representative of the Czech company Joalis s.r.o in the U.K.

The lecture held by Doctor Zuzanna Razniewska dealt with two topics:

  1. Introduction to the Controlled and Managed Detoxification
  2. Chinese pentagram and the detoxification issue

Mrs Zuzanna Razniewska, together with her husband, has been running the Pomeranian Health Promotion Centre „Danmed” since 1997.

Mr and Mrs Razniewski are great experts in the branch of natural medicine, famous in Poland due to their vast experience in the Method of Controlled and Managed Detoxification of organism by Joalis. 

The company „Danmed” is the exclusive Polish representative of the Czech Joalis company in Poland.

Over the past few years, they have educated a great number of therapists dealing with the controlled detoxification. To enrich the knowledge of the Polish specialists they invite Mr Vladimir Jelinek and Mrs Marie Vilankova, co-owners of the Czech Joalis s.r.o.

In summer they organize Joalis Summer School offering one-week lecture blocks to all the interested listeners.

We would like to express our greatest gratitude towards Mr and Mrs Razniewski for such an interesting lecture. What is more, we are also extremely happy that so many people came to the meeting to find out more about the detoxification method. Thank you all !

For the next year, we are planning further lectures concerning the Controlled nad Managed Detoxification.

A detailed information will be published here in January 2016.

Ewa Nowicka
TRM Natural Therapy Ltd.

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To learn about the method of managed and controlled detoxification visit the Method section and FAQ.

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