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Welcome to Joalis education section. You can find training and educational materials here. This section will be built up over time as required.

Training will be arranged in two stages, each completed with an Examination.

Stage 1

  • Theoretical Part - for training materials contact us.
  • Practical Training - to be arranged with the certified therapist. Please contact us for accredited trainers.
  • Examination - will be based on Multiple choice questions. Details will be made available on these web pages.
  • Practical Examination leading to Certificate of Joalis Therapist.

Stage 2

  • Theoretical Part - training materials will be provided on request.
  • Practical Training - to be arranged with an accredited trainer.
  • Practical Examination leading to Certificate of Accredited Joalis Advisor.

Basic course for beginners, Part 1

Theory of toxins - download

Joalis TOP-12 for basic detoxification - download

EDU Introduction - download

EDU Toxins - download

EDU Microbial foci - download

EDU Metabolites - download

EDU Carbohydrates - download


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To learn about the method of managed and controlled detoxification visit the Method section and FAQ.

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An easy to follow therapy aimed at restoring body balance.

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