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About us

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At Joalis we manufacture and distribute food supplements. Our products are designed to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance. Our principles are based on the belief that a healthy immune system is able to counter many of the negative effects of physical and emotional stress.

We share this traditional approach to health with many civilisations, stretching back to ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks. It is encapsulated in the Roman dictum “mens sana in corporate sano” (healthy mind in a healthy body).

We develop our preparations in our own laboratories. We also produce plant extracts for our preparations and manufacture them in our modern plant constructed in 2010. The plant is certified to the European Union Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 for the Production of Food Supplements, including the preparation of our products.

We also control our supply chain for ingredients used in our preparations. Our supplier of plants and our supplier of pure alcohol have been certified by ISO 9001 to ensure high and consistent quality of ingredients. Our laboratories, the manufacturing plant and the suppliers are located in the Czech Republic and are closely supervised to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency.

We are innovative. We started by developing our preparations for adults. In response to the market demand, we extended our product range on Continental Europe with the developments of specific products for children and for animals. Currently, our product offering in the UK is restricted to our adult preparations, but this may change, depending on demand.

All Joalis preparations are based on traditional European plants. The energy related information characteristics of the plants, rather then their pharmacological properties, play the main role in composition of our programs, which are designed to eliminate toxins.

Joalis plant:

Joalis plant Atrium Filling process Production shop Filling machine Joalis plant - side view Stock of plant extracts


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