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City Detox

City Detox

City Detox by Joalis

An easy to follow therapy aimed at restoring body balance

  • Joalis has prepared a programme of comprehensive detoxification. The programme is divided into six key steps with corresponding sets of preparations.
  • The first two steps addressing emotional stresses and five basic organs are crucial to an effective detoxification to feel long term benefits.
  • The first step in the Joalis comprehensive City Detox programme is designed to promote emotional wellbeing as a prelude to eliminating physical toxins. The next step aims at rebalancing the body’s five major organs. These two essential steps are followed by a set of preparations aimed at cleansing heavy metals from the body. The preparations in steps 4 and 5 of the programme are designed to eliminate toxins from badly assimilated foods and microbes, which may accumulate and lie dormant within the body. The final step concentrates on cleansing the body fluids.


Emotional Stress Set
Five Organs Set
Environmental Toxins Set
Chronic Toxins Set
Nutritional Set
Body Fluids Set


City Detox® is a Joalis trademark registered in the EU.

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  • Some people may wish to use our detoxification method to treat specific conditions or symptoms. In these cases we recommend a visit to our advisors, who use our proprietary testing device to determine your specific toxic load and will prepare an individual detox programme.


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To learn about the method of managed and controlled detoxification visit the Method section and FAQ.

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An easy to follow therapy aimed at restoring body balance.

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