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Toxins and detoxification

Toxins and detoxification

What are toxins and how do you remove them from the body

Various types of toxins, which are deposited in human bodies by the environment, lifestyle and personal metabolic processes, often cause health problems.

Our modern environment is steeped in chemicals that our bodies are not designed to process. Everybody carries contaminants, which scientists call “chemical body burden.”

The most common toxins include:

  • Environmental toxins from chemical substances, fumes, food additives, personal care products, toxic metals and their compounds and radio-active compounds, medication and drugs chemical compounds
  • Infectious microbial lesions
  • Toxic substances produced by living organisms (bacterial toxins, mycotoxins)
  • Food and metabolic toxins including wheat gluten, cow’s milk casein
  • Emotional toxins from stress, fear, aggression, guilt, life trauma

The body’s immune system is a natural defence mechanism that eliminates toxins. These processes can be impaired by toxic emotions from blocked emotional conflict, emotional deprivation and stress amongst others. This results in the accumulation of toxins in tissues and can lead to the creation of physical and psychological ailments. These toxins need to be eliminated as do negative emotions, which block the flow of energy.

By removing excess toxins, the ability of the human body to self-regulate is restored. Using Joalis preparations it is possible to renew the body’s natural self-cleansing mechanism, to strengthen its immune system and return to health.

Managed and controlled detoxification using Joalis preparations under CIC (Controlled Inner Cleansing) is not a method of medical treatment; it is designed to assist the organism in renewing its self-healing ability.

If you have a specific disorder or illness you need to seek medical advice and visit your GP.




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