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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EAV machine?

It is an device measuring electrical conductance (the inverse of resistance) at a specific point of a human body. It measures the body’s “energetic system,” from the standpoint of physics. It does not measure its biochemistry or pathology from the standpoint of chemistry.

The tested client holds a Ground (negative) Electrode in one hand and the therapist tests a selected body point with a Probe (positive electrode) of the machine. The client is a part of the electric circuit, whose conductance is measured by the EAV machine. Our Aucomb and Slavia measuring devices are connected to a computer vie proprietary software to provide immediate test readings.

What is the history of the EAV testing?

A German scientist and a medical doctor Reinholt Voll investigated effects of electricity on the human body in 1950 and found general high level of electrical resistance, except in specific locations of anatomy. He noted that these points generally corresponded to the acupuncture points used in by Traditional Chinese Medicine. He therefore called the method the Electro-Acupuncture by Voll, or EAV.

Dr Voll further found that his Universal Baseline reading for humans was 50, indicating a body in balance. Readings significantly above that level indicated inflammation. As a body tissue becomes inflamed, the concentration of body fluids increases. As fluids have lesser resistivity, the measured conductance rises. Conversely, readings significantly lower that the Baseline, indicate a higher resistivity and therefore low energy at a specific body point. This could be due to a loss of hydration, or hardening of organs.

The EAV method was later enhanced by Remedy Testing. It was found that adding different remedies to the measured electric circuit altered its readings. These specific remedies were placed on the EAV Machine, not the tested patient.When the indicator on the device approached the Baseline the specific remedy was described as being “Bio-compatible”. Biocompatibility meant that the remedy produced favourable response. Testing of many thousands potential remedies was extremely time consuming.

The latest enhancement was to link the conductance-measuring device via appropriate software to a computer, to speed up the testing process and to provide immediate results. Joalis has developed and uses its proprietary software. As a result the testing process for toxins and remedy testing can be completed within a single visit.

Is the testing long or painful?

The testing usually takes about 45 minutes. During the visit the therapist identifies your toxicity level using the EAV machine and then recommends appropriate Joalis preparations.

The test is painless. The client holds the Ground Electrode in one hand and the therapist applies the Probe with minimum pressure to measure the surface tension on the skin to the other hand. The skin is not punctured

The level of electricity in the circuit is so small that the client cannot feel it. It is less that 1.5 volts and less than 10 micro amps. Higher levels would disrupt the accuracy of readings.

How widespread is the EAV method of testing?

It is estimated that there are 25 000 therapists using the EAV method in Europe.

There are currently 500 active therapists using the EAV method in conjunction with Joalis preparations. They are in the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia with other countries being gradually added.

How many tests and detoxification treatments are required?

The number of treatments depends on the client’s state of health. Most problems are addressed over two or three treatments. In practice many clients see their CIC advisor regularly. The human body is in constant contact with toxins from the environment and lifestyle, and so detoxification is an on-going process.

Who are the therapists?

We train our therapists in using the EAV testing method and the associated machine. Training is a repeated process. The EAV test is not a mechanical activity. It requires skill to locate the exact point for taking the correct measurements. Each human body is slightly different and there is no exact map for locating relevant body points. Finding it depends on training, practice and experience.

Our trained therapists specialise in the Controlled Inner Cleansing method, developed by Joalis.  Throughout Europe the CIC advisors are offered additional training and are kept up to date with the latest developments and preparations.

Is it necessary to consult a therapist? Why consult a therapist when I can buy Joalis food supplements on your website?

The true cause of ailments is not always obvious. An experienced therapist/CIC advisor, has professional knowledge of anatomy and physiology, along with the knowledge about the principles of the Method of Controlled Inner Cleansing.
The therapist chooses suitable preparations based on an analysis of your ailments, combined with EAV testing. The EAV device verifies the selection of preparation during your visit. A detoxification treatment can therefore be said to be “made-to-measure” especially for you and is thus more effective.

There are three causes of mental and physical disorders including our own metabolic and emotional toxins and environmental toxins. Preparations combating the effects of environmental pollution can be bought online, while it is advisable to visit a therapist for your own individual imbalances.

How long does the treatment take?

One treatment lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. After it has been completed the therapist evaluates the effect of the detoxification by another test and will prescribe accordingly. Several treatments are generally needed.
A successful detoxification often involves some modification to the individual diet and/or lifestyle.

How should I purchase Joalis preparations?

Contact us for reference to a Joalis trained CIC advisor for an appointment and an initial test. We recommend that a therapist provide the initial treatment. He/she will be able to recommend and sell you relevant preparations.


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